What is the role of surgery in cancer?

Surgery is the treatment of choice for early stage and some advanced stage cancers that have not spread to distant body parts and can be completely removed. Sometimes, surgery is employed in palliative setting to relieve symptoms like bleeding and pain.

It may be of following types depending on intention to perform the surgery-

CURATIVE SURGERY - It removes the cancer tissue completely and is mostly done when cancer is limited to some part.

DIAGNOSTIC SURGERY - It is done to remove a tissue specimen for testing and evaluation. In this, the tissue sample is removed and sent to pathology lab for confirmation of diagnosis, type of cancer and sometimes to know the stage.

PALLIATIVE SURGERY - It is done mostly at an advanced stage when there are significant symtoms due to cancerous mass like obstruction, bleeding, etc. It is not for disease cure.


What are the types of minimally invasive surgeries for cancer treatment?

Laproscopic surgery

Robotic Surgery


Laser Surgery


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