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Getting a cancer second opinion means asking another expert or group of experts to review your medical reports and share their perspectives, suggest other treatment plans, or even confirm your diagnosis.


We have a team of expert oncologists including medical, radiation, and surgical oncology. Other than that, we have specialists doctors who have years of experience from reputed hospitals and cancer research centers in diagnosing and treating various forms of cancer. 


After you submit your case details with us, we appoint a virtual tumor board consisting or our expert oncologists to analyze your case and share a detailed second opinion report consisting of best further course of action.


Expert second opinion report incudes  detailed analysis of your case and treatment options including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and recent advances iincluding immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and others as listed below. 


1. Immunotherapy for cancer: It is a broad category of cancer therapy in which various agents are used to boost the immune system to fight cancerous cells. 

Our expert oncologists can make you understand whether immunotherapy can help in your case or not. 


Second Opinion for Immunotherapy for cancer


2. Targeted therapy for cancer: As cancer is a heterogeneous disease i.e., different people have different gene mutations.  Consult our panel of oncologists to see if targeted therapy can bring positive results in your cancer or not. 


Second Opinion for Targeted Therapy for cancer


3. Personalized therapy for cancer: In this cancer therapy, multiple genes in the tumor are assessed to look for mutations and plan the treatment accordingly, for an individual patient. Talk to our expert oncologists to get a second opinion on personalized cancer therapy. 


4. Hormonal therapy for cancer: It is also known as endocrine therapy. This therapy is used to treat cancers which uses hormones to grow like breast, prostate cancer and endometrial cancer. 

We have expert oncologists with years of professional experience in diagnosing and treating people with hormonal therapy. Contact us if you have any queries or would like to request a second opinion. 


Second Opinion for Hormonal therapy for cancer


We analyze every minute detail of your medical reports before coming to a decision. After that, we share a detailed report with you and explain every bit of technicality so that you understand it fully and discuss the same with your treating oncologist also.

Why you need an expert second opinion on your cancer?


1. Gain peace of mind

An expert second opinion can help you get answers to most of your doubts related to your disease.

2. To make sure you have explored all the options

Panel of expert oncologists can guide and suggest other options to better understand the cancer diagnosis, its prognosis, and most importantly the treatment plan. There are many modern state of the art cancer treatment methods available. You can consult for these methods with your panel of virtual tumor board and see whether these modern treatment methods are suitable for your case or not. 


3. Suggestions for other better treatment options available

The second opinion can formulate a personalized treatment plan for you considering the latest methodologies for cancer treatment. 


4. Double check the current treatment plan

If you are already undergoing anyl cancer treatment currently, our panel of expert oncologists can help you to confirm whether it is best for you. If not, then our virtual tumor board will suggest the alternate course of action which you can opt to improve your results. 

When you need a cancer second opinion?


The news of a cancer diagnosis can come as an absolute shock. Most people hit the panic button and try to rush towards starting the treatment as soon as possible. However, there are various types of cancer and various treatment options available. 


It is recommended to get a second opinion as soon as you are diagnosed to get the best out of it. Although, you can ask for a second opinion at any point in your cancer journey, here are some common scenarios:


  1. At the initial stage of your diagnosis to gain confidence before starting your cancer treatment journey. 
  2. At any point where you have to make a critical decision, it is better to consult with specialists in treating your cancer before moving ahead. 
  3. When there is a progression of disease on your current treatment
  4. When there is a disease recurrence after you have been treated previously
  5. If you have got a rare form of cancer

How to get an expert second opinion online:


Getting an online expert second opinion is far more easy process as it is fast and convenient. Moreover, location barrier is removed and you can access expert oncologists from any part of the world. 


With ONCOSURE, you get the benefits of getting affordable second opinion which is fast, cost effective and personalized. 


Step 1: You create an account on our website and submit your previous medical reports using our dashboard.

Step 2: Our case manager will get in touch with you to know additional case details (if required) and to know what are your expectations from our second opinion report.

Step 3: After reviewing your case details, our case manager will appoint a team of specialists consisting of doctors, oncologists, physicians, or other experts to review your reports and share their perspectives on your concerns. 


Step 4: Our case manager will gather all the details from the virtual tumor board and will prepare a second opinion report.


Step 5: Your detailed second opinion report will be shared with you and you can contact us for any enquiries or to get an explanation. 


Step 6: You can follow up free for next 25 days after you receive the second opinion report.


You can get here second opinion for following cancer types-